first known live unreleased record
bootleg recorded 29. December 1970 in Auditorium Maximum, Berlin, Germany


BIRD OF PREY (Mick Box/David Byron/Paul Newton)
(1971) Salisbury

I can see that look that says beware  
Try to move in closer if you dare
So I must sit and play my waiting game 
And for a while I know she'll do the same
Fly away

Watches like an eagle for its eerie
And like a bird of prey she captures me 
But I am older and more wise than you
Bird of prey straight into me you flew
Fly away

Now every time I've tried to set her free 
I'm glad to say she comes right back to me
But if I knew she didn't want to stay
I would't try to keep that lovely bird of prey


TIME TO LIVE (Mick Box/David Byron/Ken Hensley) 
(1971) Salisbury

Let me see the sunshine 
Let me feel the rain
Let me go where I want to go
I want to smell the flowers
See the dawn again
Find those friends I used to know
Find those friends I used to know

Well I spent twenty long years
In a dirty old prison cell
I never saw the light of day
If you could understand, oh
That kind of living hell
That's the price I have to pay, oh yeah 
That's the price I have to pay, oh yeah, oh oh

They say I killed a man
But I never told them why
So you can guess what I've been through
So for twenty long years
I've been thinking of that other guy
And what I saw him do to you
What I saw him do to you

Listen here
So when tomorrow comes
And I walk outside that door
Try to understand the strain
But if you smile that smile
I know I couldn't ask for more
I know I'd do it all again
Yes I would
I know I'd do it all again 
Yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah

Do it all again
Do it all again




DREAMMARE (Paul Newton)
(1970) Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble

Grinning demons smiling sideways
Laughing in my face
Here within my troubled sleep
There's such a lonely place
Running fast but never moving
I can't get away
Strange but realistic objects
Making me that way

Then it's gone as fast as it came
Evil dream
Changing like the sun turns to rain
It would seem
La la la la ...
Dining with the god's of beauty
On a distant shore
Tasting fruits of untold sweetness
Never seen before
Dancing stars with crystal voices
Blinkin' with their eyes
Unicorn of many colours
Rides to paradise

Then it's gone as fast as it came
Peaceful scene
Changing like the sun turns to rain
It would seem

Sleepless nights that last a lifetime
Crucify my head
Dreams of peace and then disaster
Wish that I were dead
Looking for the end of darkness
Seeking out the day
For escape with speed of thunder
Bearing me away

Then it's gone as fast as it came
Peaceful scene
Changing like the sun turns to rain
It would seem


(1971) Salisbury (bonus)

Greater than to face it, give me your money
Make my life sunny for a day
Road that leads to nowhere, please stop your crying
I ain't fit for dying this way
Go steal another with your eye
Go try some other heartless lie

Now I have hope of speaking, bring back the moon
Don't play your silly games with me
Oh what a waste of daydream, what is your need
I'm gonna bleed until you pay
You've lost all sign of your direction
You're only looking for the next one
The next one to kill

Ashes of destruction spread out so far
Blackened nurses crying over me
See a one time city, now just a scar
Tears of the flower man fill the sea
Give me a chance to fly away
There's nothing here for me today


SALISBURY (David Byron/Ken Hensley/Mick Box) 
(1971) Salisbury

Somewhere in your eyes that very special glow
Something drawing me to where I do not know
I never really thought that I would lose myself 
Now I'm going faster than anybody else

You moved without a sound and touched me with your hand
Just like the rains that fondle every grain of sand
This thing we're going to do it's just for you and me
I'm going to make it good, good as it can be, oh
Do it this time with me

You kiss is sweeter now your breath is getting warm
We must take our time last it through til dawn
I wonder will it be oh I expect it to
There have been other girls no one else like you
I feel a power here I never felt before
And I begin to see what draws us to want more
Oh girl of all my dreams please tell me if I'm wrong
Because I've been blue, but we belong, oh

As time passed and all too fast 
I knew we couldn't last
And I guessed that the end was near at hand
Though we tried our love inside
It just crumpled up and died
What went wrong I will never understand
You tell me why
Alone again how could you leave me
Alone again I don't want to be
Alone again, yeah!

There's a line in a rhyme I was going to send to you
It says: "All that is to be will surely be"
So though you had to go
Cause you needed someone new
Is there still a chance that you ll come back to me
I want you back you see
Alone again, how could you leave me
Alone again, how could you leave me
Alone again, I don't want to be alone again, yeah 



GYPSY (Mick Box/David Byron)
(1970) Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble

I was only seventeen
I fell in love with gypsy queen
She told me: "Hold on"
Her father was the leading man
Said: "You're not welcome on our land"
And then as a foe, told me to go

He took me to a little shack
And put a whip across my back
Then told her: "Leave me"
I was after quite a time
Came back with her on my mind
Sweet little girl, she means all the world

Oh, I want my gypsy queen
Will she still be torn between
Her father and lover
One day I will go to him
Strong enough to fight and win
The kind of man that he'll understand