John Lawton's Gospel Train
Goes Disco

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bootleg compilation 70's

  1. Prepare Ye, The Way Of The Lord Arrow
  2. Put Your Hand In The Hand Arrow
  3. (We'll Fly You To The) Promised Land Arrow
  4. All My Searchin' Arrow
  5. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Arrow
  6. Amen Arrow
  7. To My Father's House Arrow
  8. All Good Gifts Arrow
  9. Oh, Happy Day Arrow
  10. The Whole World In His Hands Arrow
  11. Hey Joe Arrow
  12. Nobody Knows Arrow
  13. Kumbaya Arrow
  14. I Remember Arrow
  15. We Beseech Thee Arrow
  16. Long Distance Lady Arrow
  17. Sweet Mama Arrow
  18. Dance, Dance, Dance Arrow
  19. Rock Your Baby - The Six Teens Arrow-Arrow
  20. In The Summertime Arrow
  21. It's In The Sky Arrow
  22. Here I Am Arrow
  23. Don't Go Breaking My Heart Arrow
  24. Dr. Cooper Arrow
  25. You're The One For Me Arrow