5. studio album


SUNRISE (Ken Hensley)

Sunrise, and the new day's breakin' through
The morning of another day without you
And as the hours roll by
No-one's there to see me cry 
'Cept the sunrise
The sunrise and you

Tired eyes drift across the shore 
Looking for love and nothing more 
But as the sea rolls by
No one's there ro see me cry
'Cept the sunise
The sunrise and you

Sunrise, bless my eyes
Catch my soul make me whole again
Sunrise, new day hear my song
I am tired of fightin'and foolin' around
But from now to who knows when
My sword shall be my pen
And I'll love You for all of my time 
Sunrise, bless my eyes
Catch my soul make me whole again



SPIDER WOMAN (Mick Box/David Byron/Lee Kerslake/Gary Thain)

I had a Spider Woman and she was so good
She chained me in her web so tight
I lost the freedom of release that night 
So I stayed right by her

I dreamt I saw a blind man who was singing a song
About a guy who couln't take no more
And the meaning af the words he swore
Told me go find her

She was a Spider Woman but she was good to me 
Spider Woman, but she was good to me

I told her 'bout my vision 
But she laughed in my face
So I told her go and walk in the street
But by the time she got past my feet
I lost control

She was a Spider Women, but she was good to me 
Spider Women, but she was good to me


BLIND EYE (Ken Hensley)

Stranger than the sunrise
Darker than the night
Fiercer than a rainstorm
This is man's delight

Weaker than o moment
Hot as any fire
Blinder than the blind eye
This is man's desire

I ran to a place in the open sea
where I pledged my whole life to the sun
I was good for awhile, l could laugh, I could smile
But when l woke up one day the sun had gone

So what of my meaning
What am I trying to say
What of my caution
I'm a man anyway


ECHOES IN THE DARK (Ken Hensley)  

l have heard the echoes in the dark 
Dim and distant voices of the past
And l've seen so far into the night
And lingered in the land of no light

Far beyond the shrouded hours of dawn
Through the mist of daybreak I was borne
But the day was clouded still by night
Leaving me in the land of no light

Though I'd love to
Say hello to You
You might have to wait awhile to say goodbye
For it must end as it began
And then start again

The day of darkness comes to every man
And lingers while he reaches out his hand
And he cannot know how it will end
Till he finds out if he has a friend ... 
a friend ...
a friend


RAIN (Ken Hensley)

It's raining outside
but that's not unusual
But the way that l'm feeling is becoming usual
I guess you could say
The clouds are moving away 
Away from your days
And into mine

Now it's raining inside
it's kind of a shame
And it's getting to me, a happy man
Why should you want
to waste all my time
The world it yours
But I am mine

Rain, rain, rain in my tears
measuring carefully my years
Shame, shame, shame in my mind
See what you ve'done to my life


SWEET LORRAINE (Mick Box/David Byron/Gary Thain)

Would you like to take this magic potion with me
On a trip to a cosmic playground far beyond
She understands, she's been before
It's in her hands to find the door

Sweet Lorraine let the party carry on
You and I will swim the sea
Sweet Lorraine let the party carry on
You and I can feel the breeze

There's no time, no wealth, only I surround you
The fortune of this guide is simple sincerity


TALES (Ken Hensley)

We told our tales as we sat under
Morning's sleepy sky
With all the colours of the sunrise
Shining in your eyes

One, then another, with a story of yesterdays lives
Or of a lover who was gone in a
Moment of strife

No thought of sleep ever dwells upon
The wise man's mind
Some task or audience stealing every
Moment of his time

Thus we have learned to live
While mortal man stand wating to die
How can we do what must be done in
Just one short life

And if you ask, then you must know
If you still doubt, you should be told
It was not we that made it so
It was by those who went before

And there you sit, tomorrow child
So full of love, so full of life
But you must rise to meet the day
Lest you become another tale


THE MAGICIAN'S BIRTHDAY (Ken Hensley/Mick Box/Lee Kerslake)

In the magic garden
Some were singing, some were dancing
While the midnight mooon shone brightly overhead

The stars so gaily glistened
And the sphinx in silence listened to
The magician tell of lives that he had led

Let the bells of freedom ring
Songs of love to Friday's king

Let's all go to the magician's birthday
In the, forrest but no so far away
Much to do and so much to say
While we listened to the orchid orchestra play

Then at the dead of midnigt
As we watched the dancing firelight
The air grew cold and seemed to dull the flame
The fire died, the music faded
Filled with fear of death we waited
For now we knew some evil was to blame

I challenge you, I challenge you all
For all you own and all you know
And by all the powers of darkness I will
Steal what is mine

Surrender now or face my spite
I grant you it may be Friday night
But did you know this day
Also numbers thirteen

First I give you fire
I turn your fire into a sleepy stream
Yes, but now I give you nightmares
But from your honor I'll create a dream

You cannot fight me for I have the sword of hate
But one thing you can't see, my answer is simply
An impenetrable fortress
of love - love - love

The fear went as quickly as it came
The air was clear, the fire was burned again
The flames leapt, the organ played
The swans sang to greet the day

And then we knew that
Love will find love will find love will find
Love ...


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Do we live our lives in moderation?
Does this appear when you're around?
And the deeper in debt
The harder the bet
Your thoughts are one of a clown

Look out before you sign
Your soul away
The crystal ball, it seems
Is not reading to - reading today

Does the time seem right
For some rethinking?
It seems a gift that you have
Are you living a dream
Of express progress?
It's just a thought that you have

Oh, you should've know better
When the warning light was lit
As it did for others
You preach a sermon
When you talk of the Messiah
We are yet to discover

Thinkin', lovin', feelin'
But disbelievin' ...